What sets The Film Authority apart from all the other film companies is our ability to provide our customers with an unmatched service and product for your property. We offer coverage for your automobile, home, or office. Films ranging from cosmetic color change vinyl to protection for walls, automotive paint protection, flat glass, automotive glass, flat doors, counter top protection, and appliances. So many different options to protect and customize.

The Film Authority is a full service install repair facility. If you are unhappy with another companies installation bring it to us and let one of our experienced installers show you what we can do to correct lifting edges, bubbles, bad quality film and improperly installed film. We can also help you with warranty claims. The Film Authority can work with your insurance company, if you are ever in an accident and need to repaint your car we can get you back on the road with the protection you need. The Film Authority will work with the body shop to remove old damaged film and after the repair is made we can schedule you in for the replacement of the film.

The Film Authority although we are a new company we have over 18 years experience in the film industry. Sign and graphics install, vinyl wrap installation, and paint protection film installation. Our installers attention to detail is unmatched in the industry. We can install on any car, old or new, exotic supercar or just your “daily driver”.

The Film Authority can provide you with the film. Feel like you can handle the project? We are willing to sell you the film you need to take on whatever your skill level can handle